We provide legal advice to a large number of Danish funds, foundations and associations and our clients are family foundations, charitable foundations, commercial foundations and independent institutions. We also provide advice to large foreign-owned funds and foundations having activities in Denmark.

Our team

Our team is composed of partners and attorneys who specialise in funds and foundations and several of them are members of the board of directors of funds, foundations and undertakings and accordingly they have knowledge of the inherent practical and legal challenges. We therefore benefit from both our professional knowledge and our practical experience when providing advice and at the same time our long-standing relations with many national and international funds and foundations and our extensive network enable us to understand a client's situation quickly and easily and provide advice of the highest quality.

Our advice

Our advice is often sought when a deed of foundation is unclear or when a fund or a foundation wishes to acquire or sell activities. We are also often involved in the interpretation and compliance issues relating to the law of funds and foundations, including in relation to the special rules applying to the implementation of special measures that could imply a risk that it will not be possible to comply with the deed of foundation.

We assist in setting up funds and foundations and we provide advice on specific issues and matters before the supervisory authorities. Most recently we assisted a number of large funds and foundations with preparing and amending statutes and drawing up rules of procedure.

We have all-round professional expertise and experience and we also provide advice on:

  • Issues relating to management
  • Issues relating to the general work of the board of directors
  • Consolidation
  • Investment and distribution strategies
  • Liquidation


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