Insolvency Law and Restructuring

Plesner assists in restructuring proceedings, acts as the trustee in bankruptcy proceedings and advises clients in avoidance proceedings. We have extensive experience in restructuring large undertakings and are used to negotiating with all relevant parties.

Supervision for survival purposes

We frequently act as the supervisor in restructuring proceedings with the bankruptcy court. Restructuring proceedings often involve a combination of various credit schemes such as an arrangement with creditors or an extension of payments. Whatever the solution, our primary object is always to create an undertaking that is able to survive in the long term, whether the company is large or small or it is an undertaking owned by individuals.

Creditor representation

We also provide assistance to clients facing avoidance proceedings as a result of a debtor's or a contracting party's bankruptcy.

Experienced trustee

We are widely experienced in bankruptcy proceedings and we have acted as the trustee in a number of large and significant estates in bankruptcy involving international and national problems. Two of our partners are appointed administrators at the Bankruptcy Division of the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen and we are often appointed the trustee by administrators at the Bankruptcy Division of the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen and at the request of creditors.

Chambers Global (2015)

Plesner is listed in "Band 1" as regards Restructuring/Insolvency.

Chambers Europe (2014)

"Highly skilled and widely praised restructuring and insolvency practice.

'Plesner is one of the top firms in the restructuring and insolvency market.'

'It is an excellent practice, capable of handling complex matters'."

IFLR (2015)

"Plesner has provided us with high-quality advice and service regarding the various issues in connection with a bankruptcy. Their work, especially the collaboration with foreign lawyers to ensure sound legal advice regarding properties in that country, has been over and above what is normally expected from a Danish law firm."

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