Termination of an employment relationship

When the collaboration between an employer and an employee has to come to an end, some consideration is required before the termination is implemented regardless of whether the termination is caused by cutbacks, restructurings, collaboration difficulties, unsatisfactory work performance or breach. If the termination of the employment is handled incorrectly or inappropriately, the consequences could be serious in terms of costs, staff and the persons involved.

We are very experienced in handling such situations, whether the termination involves employees, executives or managers, and we have extensive experience in providing advice on terminations that are subject to the special Danish legislation on collective dismissals.

Some examples of our services:

  • advice on suspension, release from the duty to attend work, dismissals and summary dismissals, including requirements as to dismissal for good cause
  • drafting letters of warning, letters of termination and letters of summary dismissal
  • drafting and negotiating severance agreements
  • advice on employees who receive special protection due to legislation or collective agreements - for instance pregnant women, employees on leave, safety representatives, trade union representatives, disabled persons and others
  • negotiating with employee representatives and completing the processes necessary in case of dismissals that are subject to the Danish legislation in respect of collective dismissals


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