Public procurement of pharmaceuticals and medicinal equipment

The public procurement rules include the Community directives on public procurement and the Danish Act on Tender Procedures for Public Contract Works that apply to public contracting authorities' purchases of building and civil engineering works, goods and services. Focus on this set of rules is increasing. In 2007, the Act was expanded to comprise all purchases of goods and services exceeding DKK 500,000.

New rules are implemented into the Act, which are expected to come into force on 1 July 2010, and which will imply that the contracting entities can be ordered to declare invalid any agreements that have been concluded in conflict with the European Union's public procurement rules.

Our experience

We have successfully conducted and won several cases before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement concerning public authorities' procurement of pharmaceuticals and medicinal equipment. We are very experienced in assisting both contracting entities and suppliers on a continuous basis during the tender procedure in respect of this type of procurement. We provide assistance both in preparing tenders to ensure compliance with the contract conditions and by reviewing the tender documents in order to ensure that they may form the basis of a lawful tender.

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