IPOs, private placements and other types of capital increase

One of Plesner's key services is providing advice and support on IPOs (initial public offerings) and similar.

We have extensive experience in supporting all stakeholders involved in such transactions: the company planning to list or seek further capital, the directors of the company, the underwriting bank, private equity houses and other investors.

Tasks involved

Our assistance typically involves the following:

  • Corporate issues, structure and governance
    • Regulations
      • Required amendments in connection with listing on the Stock Exchange
      • Takeover
    • Procedures for board of directors and committees
    • Internal rules on insider knowledge and share trading
    • Governance code compliance
    • Company restructuring measures – internal or purchase of suppliers, etc.
  • Agreements
    • Proxy agreements
    • Underwriting agreements
    • Equity lending agreements
    • Lock-up agreements
  • Prospectus
    • Drafting the prospectus
    • Due diligence
    • Board of directors and management – reporting and liability
    • Management reports
    • Publicity guidelines
    • Research guidelines
    • Insurance
    • Verification process
    • Sundry disclosure requirements, e.g. dividend policy and legal actions
  • Prospectus liability issues for
    • Issuers
    • Selling shareholders
    • Board of directors and management
    • Auditors
    • Banks and financial advisersAdvice on auditors' comfort letters (SAS 72)
  • The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen – reporting and approval process
  • Employee incentive programmes
    • Employee share issues – before listing
    • Long-term incentive programmes
    • Management agreements and compensation

Relations with NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen and public authorities

Our close relationship and excellent cooperation with both NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority enable us to offer our customers the best possible professional advice.


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