Plesner was founded in 1918, and has since then grown continuously through the mergers of leading law firms. We have consequently gathered a large number of the strongest legal forces in Denmark within a broad range of specialties. Today Plesner is a versatile and modern full-service law firm with a solid, historical foundation and a size and professionalism that reach into the future.


Plesner Svane Grønborg changes its name to Plesner.


The employees of Plesner Svane Grønborg move to the newly built "Copper Tower" at Amerika Plads 37, Copenhagen, and from then on Plesner is both the name and logo of the firm.


Plesner Svane Grønborg is formed through a merger between the law firms O. Bondo Svane and Plesner & Grønborg.


Plesner & Grønborg is formed through a merger between the law firms Plesner & Lunøe and Koch-Nielsen & Grønborg.


Koch-Nielsen & Grønborg is formed through a merger between the law firms la Cour & Koch-Nielsen and Bornstein & Grønborg.


Plesner & Lunøe is formed through a merger of the law firms Holm-Nielsen & Plesner and Lunøe & Partnere.


O. Bondo Svane moves into offices at Trondhjems Plads 3, Copenhagen.


Lunøe & Partnere becomes the umbrella for a number of small law firms, including the firm founded by Svend Lunøe and Carl Ricard, all residing at Esplanaden 34, Copenhagen.


Robert Koch-Nielsen becomes a partner in the law firm la Cour and after a number of years the firm changes its name to la Cour & Koch-Nielsen.


Bornstein & Grønborg is founded by Jørgen Grønborg and Preben Bornstein.


Kaj Holm-Nielsen and Mogens Plesner become partners in Poul Jacobsen’s law firm. The firm later changes its name to Holm-Nielsen & Plesner.


High Court Attorney Jacob la Cour founds the law firm la Cour.


High Court Attorneys Svend Lunøe and Carl Ricard found the firm which is later to become Lunøe & Partnere.


Supreme Court Attorney Oskar Bondo Svane founds the law firm O. Bondo Svane.


Attorney-at-Law Poul Jacobsen founds the firm which later becomes Holm-Nielsen & Plesner.


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