European Community Law

Based on a number of principal cases involving the fundamental principals of EU law, both institutionally and in relation to specific goods or services, Plesner has acquired unique experience that ensures fast, accurate and useful analysis of subjects and problems where interpretation and understanding of EU law is essential.

Focus areas

We have conducted principal cases such as the case involving the Maastricht Treaty and have also conducted cases of more specific, essential and commercial importance such as:

  • the AMBI case (involving a special turnover tax)
  • several cases involving parallel imports
  • cases involving customs duties and duties, including car tax, vehicles
  • goods and labelling requirements
  • the interpretation of sector-specific rules such as the Danish Medicines Act (marketing authorisation for generics) and the rules on agricultural subsidies

High success rate

In that type of cases we are often up against the authorities and their resources but our success rate is still high. We also regularly draft opinions on the problems relating to public/private businesses where the rules on competition, state aid, free trade, procurement and duties can all be involved at the same time.

Legal 500 (2015)

"Within EU and competition, Plesner is a first tier firm."

Chambers Europe (2014)

"Wide-ranging and excellent competition practice with an impressive reputation for complex national and European cases, including EC settlement procedures and cartel cases impacting on Danish companies.

'Plesner can, in my view, compete with Brussels standards on EU competition mandates'."

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