At Plesner, we take our role as a lawyer extremely seriously. As a consequence, we are continuously developing our quality control systems and procedures further so that we are always able to provide independent advice at a high ethical level.

Ethics take precedence

We have an ethical attitude to social conditions, particularly focusing on client relations and case management. At Plesner, ethics take precedence and it means that we decline to represent clients and cases that do not live up to our ethical standards.

Prevention of conflicts of interest

At Plesner, we are constantly working on preventing conflicts of interest and to that end we have developed an internal communications system that reports potential conflicts. In case of any doubt, any potential conflicts of interest are presented to Plesner's conflict of interest committee.

Compliance officer

We always make sure to observe the high ethical standards for the legal profession that we have established together with relevant professional organisations and our compliance officer monitors and assesses our procedures and client relationships.


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