Estate Planning, Succession Law and Administration of Estates

Estate planning

We provide advice on the organisation and completion of estate planning in relation to businesses.

Not two transfers from one generation to another are the same. Estate planning does not only take place in families but also in relation to executives or in a combination of the two and we assist in analysing who is the best candidate to take over the business.

Estate planning can also be organised through detailed wills and family agreements.

Some examples of our advice in relation to estate planning:

  • The legal corporate form
  • Complete or successive transfer
  • Direct and indirect tax issues, including optimisation by a tax-exempt establishment of a business
  • Tax-exempt merger or other tax-privileged restructurings
  • Financing the estate planning

Succession law and administration of estates

We have extensive experience in the administration of the estates of deceased persons in connection with undivided possession of such estates, administration out of court and as an administrator. We advise on the making of wills, trust instruments, marriage contracts and other documents relevant to succession law and the administration of estates.


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